Named After A Certain Famous Movie Computer, This HAL Is A Much Friendlier Device, Allowing You The Possibility Of Monitoring And Controlling All Your Smart Home Devices With Your Voice, The Web, And Other Interfaces. The Automated System Lets You Control The Lights, Appliances, Entertainment, Security, Thermostat, And More From A Single Smartphone App. Using Either Your Fingers Or Your Voice, You Can Ask For The Latest Weather Reports, News, Or Any Other Information Needed. If You’re On The Way Home, You Can Pick Up The Phone And Call HAL, Telling It To Raise The Temperature, Turn On Lights, Or Even Recite Your Shopping List.

May 29th
Named after a certain famous movie computer, this HAL is a much friendlier device, allowing you the possibility of monitoring and controlling all your smart home devices with your voice, the web, and other interfaces. The automated system lets you control the lights, appliances, entertainment, security, thermostat, and more from a single smartphone app. Using either your fingers or your voice, you can ask for the latest weather reports, news, or any other information needed. If you’re on the way home, you can pick up the phone and call HAL, telling it to raise the temperature, turn on lights, or even recite your shopping list.