This Device Is A Small Tabletop Product That Grants You Hands Free Control And Speech Feedback For Your Entire Smart Home Ecosystem. Once Activated, The Built In Software Acts Upon Simple Speech Commands To Let You Control Any And All Smart Home Devices. Phrases Like “lights Off” And “lock Door” Work Intuitively And Instantly. The Device Not Only Recognizes Common Phrases, But Can Also Learn Customizable Commands To Control Anything From TV And Music To Lighting, Thermostats, Shades, And Security Systems.

Aug 14th
This device is a small tabletop product that grants you hands-free control and speech feedback for your entire smart home ecosystem. Once activated, the built-in software acts upon simple speech commands to let you control any and all smart home devices. Phrases like “lights off” and “lock door” work intuitively and instantly. The device not only recognizes common phrases, but can also learn customizable commands to control anything from TV and music to lighting, thermostats, shades, and security systems.