13 Different Types of Aquarium Snails

Jul 4th
A Yellow Colored Bladder Snail

Many aquarists typically resolve to maintain freshwater snails of their aquariums and fish tanks with the intention to present good firm to their fish, and there are an amazing many causes for that. Though there’s fairly a debate with regard to having snails in fish tanks as a result of many individuals contemplate them to be a real plague, they’re truly fairly helpful creatures.

Freshwater aquarium snails are aquatic creatures which might be finest identified for his or her potential to scrub up particles from fish tanks, which makes them fairly the tank cleaners. They notably feed on aquatic particles like fish waste and algae, which can also be one of the the reason why some snail varieties are referred to as ‘algae-eaters.’ They’ve a pure course of of cleansing up the tank whereby they digest most of the waste parts corresponding to rotting plant matter, leftover fish meals, and fish waste that hasn’t been filtered.

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Aquarium snails not solely enhance the quantity of good micro organism in tanks and aquariums, however in addition they add an amazing contact of magnificence, coloration, and selection to their environment. Nonetheless, you need to know that there are good varieties of snails that perform all these wonderful capabilities, and there are additionally dangerous, undesirable varieties of snails that discover their manner into your aquarium all by themselves.

In case you are considering of getting a pet snail to your aquarium, there’s a entire wide selection so that you can select from, starting from small to massive in dimension and even sporting an array of totally different lovely colours.

Check out some excellent selections of freshwater aquarium snails that you could get to your aquarium.

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These Aquarium snails are one of the most well-liked varieties, particularly attributable to their putting colours and enormous dimension. They assist add nice coloration, selection, and wonder to any aquarium, given their lovely coloration kinds that embrace golden, brown, white, purple, black, and blue. These snails are fairly short-lived and have a lifespan of just one 12 months. The utmost dimension that they develop to is 2 inches, which makes them of the bigger aquarium snail species.

Mystery snails are a South American species, and their native distribution features a quantity of areas corresponding to Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. They’re additionally also known as ‘spike-topped apple snail’ which is one of their different widespread names. They’re one of these helpful snails that supply an amazing many functions within the aquarium. For instance, Thriller snails are true algae eaters that assist clear off algae from crops, decorations in addition to the glass of the aquarium. They do that by truly consuming up the algae and maintaining your substrate completely clear.

One of their most distinctive and fascinating options is their structurally composite eyes which might be situated simply on the nook of the tip of a cephalic eyestalk. The eyestalk is void of any sensory organs, which signifies that if the snails’ eyes had been to be severed or amputated, they’d have the ability to regenerate or regrow their eyes inside a matter of a couple of weeks!

Mystery snails are believed to be probably the most peaceable creatures that you could have in your aquarium or tank. They’ve zero aggressive tendencies, they usually spend most of their time grazing on the algae that construct up contained in the aquarium. They like tanks which might be full of vegetation and a few of the most effective crops to have within the aquarium are Java Moss, Java Fern, and Hornwort. In phrases of meals, thriller snails choose feeding on rotting and lifeless crops and are identified to eat a variety of meals.

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Recognized to be lots in the direction of the feisty aspect, Murderer Snails are one of these quirky varieties of freshwater snails that do assault and eat different snails, as their title clearly suggests. This snail species generally happens all through Southeast Asia, notably in areas corresponding to Thailand, Malaysia and the Lake Toba that’s situated on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

As of late, Murderer snails have turn out to be fairly a preferred freshwater aquarium snail to have in tanks and aquariums. The principle purpose for this recognition stems from the truth that they assist preserve an intensive verify on the inhabitants of different freshwater snails within the tank. These snails are true carnivores, and they’ll proceed to assault all of the pests close to them until they’ve utterly eradicated them.

Assassin snails have a lifespan of 2-Three years, they usually sometimes develop between 0.7-1.25 inches. Their dimension vastly is dependent upon exterior components corresponding to the kind of meals they’re given to eat and the variability of meals sources which might be accessible to them. Many individuals typically seek advice from this snail species because the ‘bumblebee snail’ given how their snail shell has a conical form and sports activities a mixture of yellow and darkish brown tan bands on the physique.

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Murderer snails are an amazing possibility in case you are on the lookout for new tank mates to combine up with different fish and snail varieties in your fish tank. They’re mentioned to be a tad slower than different varieties of snails so you possibly can anticipate them to be vigorous or lively in your fish tank. They normally come out to eat throughout evening time, and most of their day-time is spent being buried within the substrate.

In line with most aquarists, murderer snails thrive properly in these waters which have a sandy substrate, however they’ve additionally been proven to be completely wonderful with gravel as properly.

This kind of freshwater aquarium snail is scientifically often called Neritina natalensisand is taken into account to be one of the most effective choices in case you are making an attempt to maintain your fish tank clear. Like thriller snails, Nerite snails are additionally fairly the algae eaters. They spend most of their time simply shifting round within the tank, and whereas doing so, they may eat any algae that they arrive throughout whereas shifting within the water.

Nerite snails are native to the coastal plain of East Africa, notably to areas corresponding to Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, and Mozambique. They’re principally from the seashore and brackish waters whereas some varieties additionally stay in streams and rivers. The time period ‘natalensis’ in its scientific title is a particular reference to Natal, an space in South Africa. In contrast to some different varieties of freshwater aquarium snails, Nerite snails won’t ever trigger overpopulation in your aquarium or tank as a result of they don’t reproduce in freshwater aquaria.

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These types of snails have a lifespan of 1-Three years, they usually develop to a mean size of 0.5-1 inch. Some of their widespread habitats embrace mangrove swamps, lagoons, ponds, rivers, creeks, streams, and the mouth space of most rivers. One of their most distinguished options is their striped shell that has resulted in an amazing many names for this snail corresponding to zebra snail and tiger snail.

Nerites are really glorious tank cleaners, and they’re additionally a really peaceable snail species, which signifies that they received’t trigger any issues for the opposite fish within the tank.

These freshwater snails are thought of to be nice group snails so that you can have in your fish tank or aquarium primarily as a result of they don’t eat aquarium crops, they don’t multiply as quickly as different snail species they usually additionally don’t feed on different snails. They’re simply happy and joyful to feed on leftover meals corresponding to further fish meals and even algae, for that matter.

Ivory snails don’t simply mix in with the prevailing aquatic atmosphere in an aquarium, however they really stand out an amazing deal given their enticing milky white our bodies and snail shell. Identical to Gold Inca Snails, as an example, Ivory Snails are additionally true scavengers who like to hunt the tank for uneaten or leftover meals, gentle algae and even decaying plant matter.

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These snails develop to a mean of 1-2 inches in diameter, however when supplied with the best tank circumstances, they’re prone to develop bigger than that. Two of their key necessities for profitable development embrace calcium-rich meals and the correct water circumstances.

One of the most well-liked varieties of this aquatic snail is the Ivory White Thriller Snail that makes the proper addition to a beautifully-designed aquarium. They don’t seem to be solely aesthetically pleasing, however in addition they serve the aim of maintaining your fish tank clear, which makes them essential in an aquarium. Like a number of different snail species, Ivory snails are non-aggressive and have a peaceable nature. They don’t assault tank mates and are notably lively in the course of the darkness of evening.

Additionally referred to as the ‘red-rimmed Melania,’ the Malaysian Trumpet snail is most notable for its reddish spots that vastly stand out on its greenish-brown shell. Hobbyists and aquarists can discover these snails in nice abundance and varieties in most pet shops. They’re identified to have actually massive appetites, a high quality that makes them the final word scavengers and tank cleaners in any aquarium or fish tank.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are freshwater snails and are sometimes present in Turkey, Asia, and Africa. They’ve a lifespan of 1-2 years, they usually develop to a mean dimension of 0.8-2.5 centimeters. These freshwater snails are acknowledged by their lengthy and pointed shells that always sport a darkish brown coloration. Some say that these pointed shells appear to be ice-cream cones, given the similarities in each their constructions.

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Like many snail species, these snails are tremendous calm and nonviolent and can spend most of their time shifting round on the backside of the tank on the lookout for meals. It’s also pretty simpler to take care of them and look after them, as in comparison with different differing types of snails.

Nonetheless, based on some hobbyists, Malaysian Trumpet Snails tend to be invasive and undesirable snail pests. That is primarily as a result of these snails can reproduce actually rapidly and their numbers go up in very quick instances. Nonetheless, you possibly can forestall them from turning into snail pests by maintaining them within the right sort of tank and offering the best rising circumstances.

This can be a species of brackish water snail that’s naturally discovered within the islands of the Western Indo-Pacific area. These are fairly the underrated varieties of snails, in all probability as a result of of their darkish and mysterious nature. Because the title ‘Black Satan’ suggests, these snails have probably the most beautiful and the glossiest of shells that boast the deepest sort of black coloration.

Black Devil Snails develop to a mean dimension that ranges between 2-Three inches. These snails have a peaceable and solitary sort of social habits, which signifies that they don’t actually work together with different tank mates. They aren’t fussy in any respect, they usually completely love one another’s firm, so be sure that to have them in pairs in your fish tank.

These snails are identified to be extremely quick and lively, and far of their time is spent zooming throughout the fish tank in search of meals and algae. Since they’re omnivores, they’re prone to find yourself consuming something that comes their manner. They’re notably eager on consuming leftover fish meals and even lifeless or decayed plant matter.

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Black Satan Snails are often known as glorious substrate cleaners and have the flexibility to tolerate actually chilly and harsh weathers and temperatures. One factor to remember when maintaining these snails in your aquarium is that since they develop actually giant in dimension, they want more room to develop and transfer round lots. So, you could be certain that there isn’t any extreme dense vegetation within the tank as a result of that may end in large overcrowding.

Named for his or her operculum, Japanese Trapdoor Snails have a troublesome plate on their our bodies that type a robust seal on the edge of the snail shell via which the gentle physique of the snail is closely protected. This snail is kind of an fascinating freshwater snail as a result of of it being a non-aggressive, tranquil and a gentle algae eater.

Their shells have a reasonably distinctive spiral-shape, and fascinatingly, no two Japanese Trapdoor Snails will look alike! Every snail considerably varies in look attributable to variations of their patterns, designs, and colorations. Nonetheless, all of them have one key similarity, which is that they sport extra natural-looking colours like inexperienced and brown, as an example.

These snail species have confirmed to be extraordinarily helpful within the tank and aquarium setting, contemplating how they’re so fond of cleansing off the algae from the glass, crops, and decorations contained in the aquarium. They’re exceptionally proficient at maintaining the tank clear and free of algae, they usually do it with out inflicting any sort of injury.

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In phrases of water parameters, Japanese Trapdoor Snails are well-suited to a variety of water circumstances. So, even for those who preserve them in these tanks that include conventional tank parameters, these snails received’t trigger any issues. Nonetheless, an necessary factor to remember right here is that if there are sudden modifications or shifts within the water parameters of their tanks, it will probably turn out to be an amazing supply of hurt and stress for these snails.

So far as the dietary and feeding habits of these snails are involved, they’re fond of consuming a range of contemporary greens corresponding to zucchini or blanched spinach. They’re additionally fairly enthusiastic about calcium-rich meals corresponding to pellets and backside feeder tablets.

Also referred to as Ram’s Horn Snail, the Ramshorn snail is a sort of freshwater aquarium snail that may be an amazing addition to group tanks as pets. They do properly with tank mates and are identified to notably get together with snails and shrimps.

These snails maintain an amazing status for being extraordinarily adaptable and prolific snails that may develop pretty rapidly in the correct sort of tank circumstances. They’re additionally identified to be avid tank-cleaners, a job they do by feeding on uneaten meals, gentle algae, lifeless plant matter, particles, and detritus. They’ve rubber-like our bodies that make it simple for them to maneuver and bend over skinny plant leaves in addition to on arduous surfaces contained in the tank.

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When maintaining Ramshorn snails as pets in your fish tank, this can be very important to needless to say they’re fairly weak to voracious aquarium species and eaters corresponding to puffers, loaches, crayfish, and bettas. Quite a few sorts of loaches, together with clown loaches, are identified for feeding on Ramshorn snails, so you could preserve your tank free from these species.

When shopping for these snails at a pet retailer, you’re prone to discover that the typical dimension of a younger Ramshorn snail is someplace round 1 / 4 of an inch. However the dimension does enhance over time, and the shell additionally begins to get thicker in addition to much less clear than earlier than.

Though Ramshorn Snails can adapt properly in a spread of water circumstances and a range of habitats, they’re particularly fond of tanks which have a spread of totally different sorts of stay crops. They like having fascinating spots and issues round them within the aquarium, corresponding to caves and rocks the place they will discover, disguise, and transfer round as per their liking.

These snail species are fairly true to their title, contemplating that they’ve creamy white heads, our bodies which might be coupled with traces of a deep yellow and beautiful gold coloration. The Golden Inca Snail can also be identified by a quantity of different widespread names corresponding to Gold thriller snail, Inca snail, and Yellow snail, to call a couple of. These snails vastly stand out in any fish tank or aquarium, not simply because of their lovely golden coloration, but in addition as a result of they’ve a cluster of orange dots scattered throughout their head and likewise across the mouth.

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Golden Inca Snails thrive in a peaceful and peaceable aquatic atmosphere, they usually additionally get alongside finest with non-aggressive tank mates. In conditions the place they should defend themselves, they do it with the assistance of their shell and operculum. They generally tend of popping out within the evening as they actively seek for meals all through the aquarium.

Among the many key tank necessities of these snails, an important of all is an open house of 4 inches above the waterline as a result of they want an sufficient quantity of open-air to breathe. They generally tend to get out of the tank, so it’s important that the tank or aquarium is well-covered. In phrases of meals and weight loss program, Golden Inca Snails are well-liked scavengers and sit up for consuming gentle blanched greens corresponding to inexperienced zucchini, iceberg lettuce, and leaf lettuce.

Whereas Pond Snails will not be precisely well-liked snails to maintain in aquariums and fish tanks, some individuals nonetheless choose having them, given their nice advantages and makes use of. Pond snails play a serious position in eradicating infestations not simply from the ponds, but in addition fish tanks and aquariums. They take care of the rotting and decaying matter in their very own methods and by doing so, they actually assist preserve the tank clear. They eat up all of the algae that they arrive throughout within the tank, which additionally makes them algae-eaters.

The typical top of an grownup pond snail ranges from 45-60mm, whereas the width ranges from 20-30mm. These snails are much less prone to eat crops in an aquarium, as in comparison with Ramshorn snails, as an example. One draw back of pond snails is that they will trigger overpopulation within the tank as a result of they’ve the flexibility to breed in a short time.

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Pond snails are finest fitted to group tanks and aquariums the place they thrive properly with shrimps and different comparable aquatic creatures. Since they’re omnivorous, they’re prone to eat all of the meals and crops that they discover within the tank. That is one of the the reason why any extra meals needs to be faraway from the tank the place pond snails are with the intention to discourage overpopulation of these snails.

These are freshwater snails primarily from tropical and sub-tropical areas and are yet one more sort of unfold tank snails. They’re one of the most important sized snails, which is kind of evident from their large appetites. They’ve primarily originated from the Amazon River after which their habitats additionally unfold throughout Florida, Hawaii and Southwest Asia.

Apple snails are fairly well-liked aquarium pets, and most of the people choose to maintain them of their aquariums and fish tanks primarily as a result of of their putting look and dimension. They attain a mean size of 15cm, they usually develop to six inches in diameter.

A typical adaptation of apple snails is their system of branchial respiration, which is kind of much like the gills of a fish. This technique of respiration permits the snails to breathe underwater together with a lung that’s situated on the left aspect of their physique, which aids within the respiration of air.

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Apple snails principally eat no matter they will discover within the tank, however have a specific palate for fish meals pellets, greens, lifeless fish, bugs, and brine shrimps. Additionally they tend to feed on any microscopic vegetation that grows on tank partitions or rocks. If the meals supply is situated above water, they could additionally make makes an attempt to climb above the waterline with the intention to acquire entry to the meals.

In case you are on the lookout for a enjoyable and thrilling creature so as to add to your tank or aquarium, Rabbit snails are one of the most effective selections for that. They’re additionally typically referred to as ‘elephant snails,’ and they’re fairly distinctive in their very own methods. They’re identified for his or her attribute look and habits and are additionally very simple to take care of.

Rabbit snails are freshwater snails which have majorly come from freshwater lakes situated in Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia. There’s a entire selection of these snails accessible in pet shops, together with Chocolate Rabbit Snails, Black Rabbit Snails, Yellow Rabbit Snails, and Golden Rabbit Snails.

What makes Rabbit snails such a preferred snail species for aquariums is their extremely peaceable nature that helps preserve stability within the tanks. This very high quality makes these snails fairly interested by their atmosphere, but they preserve to themselves and don’t like bothering another creature that they could have with them within the tank.

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Rabbit snails develop as much as 5 inches in dimension which makes them a bit bigger in look as in comparison with different varieties of snails. Additionally they have a lifespan of Three years, and if given the correct rising circumstances, they could even find yourself dwelling for an extended interval than that.

This snail is often known as the acute bladder snail, tadpole snail, and European physa and is native to the Mediterranean. Over time, these snail species have turn out to be fairly widespread in Europe and all of North America. Some of probably the most frequent habitats of bladder snails embrace swamps, freshwater rivers, ponds, streams, lakes, and reservoirs.

Bladder snails have a shiny, thin-walled and slender shell that sports activities beautiful shades of yellow and a reddish-brown coloration. Because the snail itself is black in coloration, the coloured shell presents a really putting distinction in opposition to it. These snails attain a mean of 9-15mm, and they’re identified to be fairly short-lived.

You possibly can anticipate finding bladder snails in nice abundance in gradual streaming waters in addition to heat, stagnant waters. Additionally they stay in irrigated rice fields and are identified to feed on algae and detritus. One of their most distinguishing options is their sinistral shells, which signifies that the spire of the shell faces upwards, the aperture is on the left-hand aspect and it faces the observer.


As unbelievable as all these aquarium snails sound, your alternative ought to rely upon the kind of fish tank or aquarium you’ve, the quantity of cleansing that it requires and the variability of different creatures you’ve in your tank!

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