14 Different Types of Betta Fish

Jun 20th
Krabi Mouth-Brooding Betta

Betta fish are freshwater species which might be native to the area of Southeast Asia. They thrive in heat flood plains, drainage ditches, swimming pools, and rice patties. The betta fish acquired its title from an historic clan of warriors that had been known as ‘Bettah’. The fish was an aggressive fighter, which is why it was given this combatant title within the 1850s. The game shortly grew to become so well-liked in Thailand that it was regulated and taxed by the then King of Siam.

The fish have tailored to the draughts and storm flooding within the Southeast area, making them fairly hardy fish. The species has developed right into a labyrinth fish, that means that it has the uncommon potential to breathe air, not like many different fish species. It has a labyrinth organ, which even permits the fish to outlive within the open air for brief durations so long as it stays moist. It helps the fish survive in oxygen-deprived stagnant waters, which is its most well-liked habitat.

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The Siamese combating fish is called one of essentially the most stunning species of fish all through the world. This Betta fish is de facto well-liked as an aquarium fish because it is available in actually distinctive and vibrant colours; nevertheless, they’re now listed as weak beneath IUCN because of the overwhelming aquarium commerce. The Siamese fish is an element of the Gourami household, and they’re native to Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Laos areas. They’re largely present in habitats like floodplains, canals, and rice paddies.

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This fish may be very territorial, so you ought to be cautious in regards to the different fish you add to the tank. The males are normally extraordinarily aggressive and can battle with different Betta fish to the loss of life. Relying on the dimensions of the aquarium, the females may turn into hostile to different Siamese fish as effectively.

The Siamese combating fish has a food regimen consisting of zooplankton, mosquito, and different insect larvae. They breathe air by way of their labyrinth organs and construct their nest in bubbles. This retains the eggs secure from hurt and moist.

The Emerald Inexperienced Betta Fish is often known as the blue betta fish. It’s native to Laos and Thailand, particularly within the basins of the principle Mekong, Chao Phraya River. It’s also discovered within the Chi and Mun rivers of the Thai area known as Isan.

The species can develop as much as 2.eight inches (7 cm) in size. It has an exquisite vibrant emerald inexperienced or blue coloration all through its physique. It has actually massive fins and tail, which look completely pretty because of the wealthy colours. Even the scales of the fish are a tremendous inexperienced coloration.

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The Peaceable Betta fish’s scientific title is Betta Imbellis however it’s also generally often called the Crescent betta. This title comes from their rounded caudal fin which is printed on the sides with purple making it appear like a crescent form. The fish is native to the Southeast Asian area the place it may be generally present in stagnant waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. It has additionally been launched in Singapore since it’s a actually stunning fish. It largely prefers habitats like swimming pools, ditches, rice paddies, and swamps. The species can develop as much as 2.Four inches or 6 cm in size.

This species is exclusive because of the labyrinth organs which resemble lungs. This really permits the peaceable betta fish to breathe air. Stagnant waters are vulnerable to a scarcity of oxygen and the crescent betta has tailored its respiratory system accordingly.

This betta fish is domestically identified within the Thai area as ikan bettah. This title comes from its native area of Samut Sakhon Province in Thailand. The Betta Mahachaiensis’ habitat close to Bangkok is beneath excessive hazard resulting from growth initiatives, which is why it’s listed as weak. It prefers brackish freshwater like tidal, coastal swamps and mangrove areas.

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Male fish are inclined to make bubble nests close to the bottom of the tree or among the many roots. This offers the fish shelter and safety from the operating present of the water. It may develop to a most size of 4.Four cm. It has vibrant bluish-green to iridescent inexperienced parallel bars on its aspect and comparable coloring on the anal fin. The remaining of the fish is black which appears to be like fairly in opposition to the inexperienced colours of the physique.

The Spot Fin betta fish is a freshwater fish, often called the Betta macrostomia within the scientific neighborhood. It’s half of the labyrinth fish species from the small island known as Borneo. It prefers very-slow shifting water in shallow streams, rivers, and swimming pools. The species can develop as much as 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) in size.

The fish has a purple physique with a black bar separating the anal fin from the remaining of the fish. The anal fin additionally has black coloration across the edges. It’s recognized by the reddish spot on the base of its head the place it connects to the remaining of the physique.

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The Channoides are a generic title for the Channa fish, often known as the snakehead fish. They’re half of the Osphronemidae household. These fish are native to the Mahakam river basin on the Borneo Island in Indonesia. The fish are generally present in acidic, brownish water is usually shallow forest streams. It grows as much as 35 – 40 mm. It eats small bugs, zooplankton, and small invertebrates.

They will fall prey to extra vigorous or greater fish since they’re a small, peaceable species. Males have broader head shapes and are extra colourful than feminine channoides. Males are scarlet in coloration whereas females have a brick purple coloration. They’ve an adjunct respiratory organ known as the labyrinth organ which permits it to breathe air and survive in oxygen-deprived water.

Albimarginata means white margin which implies the fish is aptly named because it has white fin margins alongside its physique. It belongs to the Perciformes order and the household of Osphronemidae. It’s largely present in Indonesia on the small island of Borneo. It prefers streams with a reasonable stream of water which needs to be very shallow with a depth of 5-10 cm. it may well develop as much as a most normal size of 25 – 30 mm. It eats small bugs, zooplankton, and small invertebrates.

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It’s acknowledged by the greyish-yellow dorsal part, orange spot on the opercle, ventrally blackish head, and fin patterning. It’s virtually fully purple apart from shiny white band on its caudal fin and distal fin. The male fish is a brighter scarlet coloration whereas the feminine fish are largely brick purple coloration.

The Krabi Mouth-Brooding Betta is scientifically often called the Betta Simplex. It’s discovered within the Krabi Province of Thailand and might develop as much as three inches (eight cm). It thrives within the vegetation close to the banks of wetlands and karst springs. The species is well-liked within the aquarium commerce and is commonly taken from the wild. As a result of over-exploitation and habitat degradation, this species is labeled as critically endangered by the IUCN.

This betta fish has rounded fins and a greyish-brown or yellowish-brown coloration. It has three pale longitudinal stripes and the gills of the fish are a bluish-green coloration. Even the fins have a vibrant blue iridescence coloration.

Like different betta fish, they’ve labyrinth organs within the head which permits them to get oxygen from the air. The Krabi Mouth-Brooding Betta is a really environment friendly jumper, which permits it to fly by way of the air for oxygen. The fish is called mouth brooder because it retains fertilized eggs in its mouth till their hatch.

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The Betta Pugnax is often known as the Penang betta. It’s native to Southeast Asia and was discovered within the Riau Islands, Sumatra, Thailand, and the Malay Peninsula. They lived within the vegetation alongside the banks of swift-flowing forest streams. Their numbers have depleted because of the overwhelming aquarium commerce and habitat degradation. It may develop as much as 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) and is an element of the mouth-brooding Betta species. It’s a pure predator of the mosquito larvae, which is why it’s typically used to regulate mosquito populations.

Pugnax betta fish have an upturned mouth since they’re high feeders. The flakes, pellets, daphnia, bloodworms, and mosquito larvae on the floor of the water are their predominant food regimen. They construct nests close to bubbles since that retains the eggs secure, moist, and collectively in a single place. The bubble additionally proves to be an important supply of oxygen for the eggs.

The Betta Pallifina comes from the island of Borneo and might develop as much as 2.6 inches (6.6 cm). They’ve 7-9 mushy rays and round 32 scales. They’ve a vivid coloration of inexperienced and blue iridescence with a tan-brown physique. The colour is much less noticeable within the females of the Betta Pallifina. The gill plates of the grownup males have metallic scales that may be gold or sky blue relying on the lighting.

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The Betta Pallifina is present in clear forest stream within the Barito River basin of Indonesia. They linger close to the aquatic vegetation and marginal crops. They’re a mouth-brooding which signifies that males carry the fry in his mouth for 3 weeks till they hatch.

The Betta Persephone is present in Malaysia the place it’s colloquially often called the Johar fish. It’s in restricted distribution resulting from habitat degradation and over-exploitation. It’s listed as critically endangered by the IUCN because it has virtually disappeared within the wild. They thrive in closed-canopy forests the place there may be thick aquatic vegetation in streams and swamps.  It is called the Persephone fish resulting from its blackish coloration after the Greek goddess Persephone who was the Queen of the Underworld.

It’s a actually small fish with a most normal size of 1 inch (2.6 cm). The males normally are extra vivid in coloration and have a blue-black physique whereas the females have a browner tone. It feeds on small invertebrates and bugs. It lays its eggs in small bubbles throughout the submerged vegetation.

The Betta Livida comes from the Latin phrase that means jealousy, because of the inexperienced eyes that this species has. It’s native to the small area of Selangor state in Malaysia in blackwater streams and peat swamps. Its habitat has been virtually fully destroyed resulting from rubber plantations and oil palm extraction, which is why it has been listed as endangered by the IUCN.

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It may develop as much as a most size of 36.three mm. They eat small invertebrates and bugs within the wild whereas in captivity they will eat dried meals, blood worms, daphnia, and Artemia. Some can squabble over their territory, however bodily altercation may be very uncommon. Males of the Betta Livida have extra prolonged fins and are extra colourful than females. They’re largely purple in, coloration and their patterning is quite a bit just like the B. Persephone and B. Miniopinna. They nest in or close to bubbles close to vegetation for shelter and safety.

The Betta bellica means warlike in, Latin and the fish is usually often called the Slender Betta fish. It’s half of the household of Anabantidae and belongs to the order of Perciformes. It’s discovered in numerous provinces of Malaysia and Indonesia. It prefers forest swaps which have heavy vegetation or blackwater streams. On uncommon events, they are often present in freshwater swamp forests.

It grows as much as a most normal size of 80–90 mm. Within the wild, the Slender Betta fish survives solely on bugs, particularly the larvae of the damselfly. It’s an environment friendly jumper and tends to leap out of the water to catch potential prey. It nests in bubbles or close to bubbles because it retains the fry secure, moist, and collectively. It has the labyrinth organ which permits it to breathe air. Males have extra vivid coloration pigments and prolonged fins as in comparison with females. Their physique is normally darkish brown apart from the iridescent inexperienced marks on the edges.

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The Betta Ibanorum is known as after the indigenous folks dwelling in Borneo. It belongs to the household of Osphronemidae and the order of Perciformes. It’s present in Borneo and different areas of Indonesia. It normally lives in clear streams which have flowing water. They may also be present in roadside ditches, historic peat swamp, black water, and small swimming pools.

They develop as much as a most size of 75–85 mm. They largely feed on small invertebrates and bugs within the wild. The males of the species have broader heads, prolonged fins, and larger our bodies. The males additionally carry the fry of eggs of their mouths till they hatch. It has transverse bars on the caudal fin and bluish or greenish iridescent scales.


Betta fish are actually stunning creatures with sensible shades of colours. The massive fins and tails dance within the water, which appears to be like completely memorizing. Nonetheless, resulting from this cause, they’re typically over-exploited for the aquarium commerce. Quite a bit of species of the betta fish are critically endangered since their habitats are beneath fixed risk. Extra effort needs to be made to revive their habitats and numbers since they’re such delicate, stunning creatures.

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