Here’s The Central Hub That Gives You Smartphone Control Of Your Home Entertainment And Automation Devices. Hubs Like This Are Designed To Be The Center Of Your Smart Home Ecosystem, Tying The Disparate Elements Together Into A Coherent System. Using The Free Harmony App For Your Smartphone Or Tablet, Or The Harmony Remote Mentioned Above, You’ll Be Able To Swipe Or Tap To Control Everything From Your Tv, To Game Consoles, To Lighting, Thermostat, Blinds, And Much More. If You Can Connect It To A Smart Home Device, It Can Be Controlled.

Aug 16th
Here’s the central hub that gives you smartphone control of your home entertainment and automation devices. Hubs like this are designed to be the center of your smart home ecosystem, tying the disparate elements together into a coherent system. Using the free Harmony app for your smartphone or tablet, or the Harmony remote mentioned above, you’ll be able to swipe or tap to control everything from your tv, to game consoles, to lighting, thermostat, blinds, and much more. If you can connect it to a smart home device, it can be controlled.