The VeraLite Is A Flexible And Powerful Smart Home Controller, Designed To Let You Conveniently Control Your Entire Smart Home Ecosystem From Anywhere In The World, So Long As You’ve Got Your Smartphone And An Internet Connection. You’ll Be Able To Monitor Energy Use, Saving Money On Utility Bills. With Universal Compatibility And A Customizable Programming, It Can Fit In With Devices From A Range Of Manufacturers. This Means It’s The Perfect Addition To Your Home If You’ve Already Started On The Smart Home Technology Wave.

Jul 11th
The VeraLite is a flexible and powerful smart home controller, designed to let you conveniently control your entire smart home ecosystem from anywhere in the world, so long as you’ve got your smartphone and an internet connection. You’ll be able to monitor energy use, saving money on utility bills. With universal compatibility and a customizable programming, it can fit in with devices from a range of manufacturers. This means it’s the perfect addition to your home if you’ve already started on the smart home technology wave.