The NuBryte, From Lucis, Is Your Ticket To Advanced And Complete Home Lighting Control And Security Monitoring. The Unique Feature Of This Smart Home Device Is Its Open Design API, Making It Possible To Integrate Other Sensors From Various Brands Over A Wireless Connection. It Allows You To Use Your Phone To Control Lighting, Thermostat And More, As Well As Monitor Your Security Either Via Sensors Or In Real Time With A Look At Any Smart Home Cameras You Have Installed.

Aug 6th
The NuBryte, from Lucis, is your ticket to advanced and complete home lighting control and security monitoring. The unique feature of this smart home device is its open design API, making it possible to integrate other sensors from various brands over a wireless connection. It allows you to use your phone to control lighting, thermostat and more, as well as monitor your security either via sensors or in real-time with a look at any smart home cameras you have installed.