Presence Answers This Question: How Do You Set Up A Smart Home Camera If You Don’t Already Have The Hardware? While It’s Obviously Recommended To Go All Out With A New Camera Purchase, This App Works Perfectly In A Pinch. It Transforms Your Old Smartphone Or Tablet Into A Remote Camera, Beaming Video Wirelessly To Your Current Device. It’s The Perfect Way To Instantly Add Some Security, So Long As You’ve Got An Old Phone Or Tablet Lying Around.

Jun 1st
Presence answers this question: how do you set up a smart home camera if you don’t already have the hardware? While it’s obviously recommended to go all-out with a new camera purchase, this app works perfectly in a pinch. It transforms your old smartphone or tablet into a remote camera, beaming video wirelessly to your current device. It’s the perfect way to instantly add some security, so long as you’ve got an old phone or tablet lying around.

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