31 Types of Peonies (All Colors, Bloom Types and Varieties)

Jun 26th
Bomb peony

Peonies are a really flower for the backyard however like most flowers, there are a number of sorts of peonies you possibly can select from.  Additionally like many flowers, peonies bloom in lots of colours (as you’ll see under).

Beneath we break down your peonies choices and then set out which of them develop finest the place. It’s an in depth peonies information.

32 Picture Gallery: 31 Types of Peonies (All Colors, Bloom Types and Varieties)

Peonies are well-liked as a result of they’re simple to develop, low upkeep, and, of course, engaging. Additionally they are available many alternative varieties and sorts, together with the next:


Also referred to as bush peonies, this selection dies to the bottom in winter then re-emerges as soon as the snow melts, often round March. Herbaceous peonies require little or no care and are sturdy and long-lasting. Many individuals additionally discover that they’re deer-resistant whereas others don’t discover this high quality. The peony often known as Pink Attraction is an instance of an herbaceous peony. They arrive in two predominant sorts:

Also referred to as intersectional peonies, these are a cross between the herbaceous peony and the tree peony. Since they’re hybrids, they arrive in all kinds of stunning and eye-catching colours. These peonies,equally tothe herbaceous ones, die within the winter and their bush type is sweet and spherical, although shorter than many of the opposite bush peonies. Itoh peonies are pretty new however are very robust and sturdy, making them a particularly well-liked selection for flower lovers who’re particularly on the lookout for peonies. Since they’re so well-liked and are a latest growth, they’re typically somewhat dearer than different sorts of peonies. One instance of an Itoh peony is the Bartzella.

These peonies get their title as a result of of their woody stems and they defoliate eachfall. The stems, nevertheless, keep above the bottom and intact and after they do bloom, they have an inclination to take action sooner than the bush peony. They’re sluggish to extend however have bigger flowers than different sorts of peonies. Tree peonies will be as quick as twenty inches or as tall as eight ft or extra and they’re steadily offered by what coloration they’re. They’re perennial in nature and resume progress within the spring, having stopped their progress the earlier fall. The Boreas peony is an instance of a tree peony. As well as, as a result oftheycan get nipped by the spring frost, these peonies can typically be somewhat tougher to take care of, requiring extra total care than different sorts of peonies.

Like most flowers, peonies have petals, the massive ones being referred to as guard petals, that often encompass a middle made of stamens. The form of the flower is set by the sample that the petals are in in comparison with its middle, which varies relying on the sort of peony it’s. Simply as there are totally different varieties of peonies, there are additionally 5 distinct sorts of blooms, which embrace the next:

These consist of a single row of a number of broad petals. The row often surrounds a mass of stamens and carpels so there’s a huge middle and massive, stunning petals surrounding it. The rows of massive petals surrounding the just about completely spherical stamens give the flower a singular look and since they arrive in varied colours and shades, you possibly can all the time discover single peonies you like. Samples embrace Sea Shell, Scarlett O’Hara, Athena, Dad, Imperial Pink, and Krinkled White.

These peonies have filaments which have irregular form and design and the stamens are combined all through the petals. There are often a number of rows of petals surrounding the middle, giving the flower a layered look that’s fairly engaging. When the flower is in bloom, its pollen-bearing anthers will be seen and its stamen is usually a outstanding function of this kind of flower. Semi-double peonies have guard petals which can or will not be totally different than the opposite petals and varieties embrace the Buckeye Belle, Paula Fay, Miss America, and Coral Attraction.

With these sorts of peonies, the petals begin to double and the stamens’ filaments are fairly broad. The anthers are extraordinarily massive; subsequently, the flower tends to face out among the many varied peony sorts. These peonies usually are not named as a result of they arrive from Japan; the truth is, they don’t. Nevertheless, the Japanese have lengthy admired these flowers, which is why they’re referred to as what they’re referred to as. They will have a layered look as effectively and their middle will be very massive, making the petals look somewhat smaller than different sorts of peonies. The anemone kind of Japanese peony has petals which are small and considerably curved in direction of the middle, and in some one- to two-year crops, there seems to be facet blooms and flowers as a result of of the distinct form. Varieties embrace the Madame Butterfly, Gertrude Allen, and the Nippon Magnificence.

These are the outcomes of the doubling course of turning into full. When you take a look at some of these full-double peonies, you discover a number of layers of petals with out a middle however that’s as a result of the opposite elements of the flower become the petals. The carpels’ and stamens’ growth into petals make them look simplythe identical asthe guard petals and in some varieties, the petals are somewhat shorter and smaller. In different phrases, it seems to beas iffull-double peonies have petals solely and no stamen or stigma. Their varieties embrace the Tourangelle, Ann Cousins, Paul M. Wild, Gardenia, and Kansas.

This kind has no crown however has petals which are the outcome of each carpels and stamens and the petals are fairly broad. The bomb peony seems to be somewhat just like the full-double peonies and are very globular in form. As soon as once more, all you see with the bomb peony are the petals, which give the flower a really spherical look that’s actually fairly engaging. The flowerresemblesa neatly sculptured, ball-shaped flower, particularly within the middle. As well as, though massive, the bomb peony’s petals are nonetheless considerably totally different than the guard petals. Varieties embrace the Pink Attraction, Monsieur Jules Elie, and Raspberry Sundae.

The USA is split into 13 zones for planting and rising. Wherever you reside, it’s simple to search out the data you want regardless of which plant you’re hoping to develop. The varieties listed under are good for zones Three to 7 and some are additionally good if you happen to stay in Zone 8. These are just a few of the suggestions for rising peonies, sorted in alphabetical order:

Its bright-red coloration is eye-catching and it’s a vigorous plant with robust stems.

This can be apretty new flower developed within the 1980s. They’re golden-yellow in coloration and completely placing.

Developed within the 1940s, this flower has a powerful stem, disperforms brilliant pink petals, and is an efficient cut-flower selection.

Benefits embrace an excellent aroma and the flexibility to carry out effectively yr after yr.

That is great for zones 3-8 and has a brilliant pink, eye-catching coloration.

This can be avery “springy” flower that supply luscious colours.

That is bproper pinkish-red in coloration and actually stands out among the many different flowers.

This peony has a singular salmon coloration and shortly stands out amongst different flowers.

This has robust stems that may stand up to the weather and its coloration could be very distinctive.

Light pink in coloration, they’re nice at highlighting different flowers within the backyard and have an excellent aroma as effectively.

This has a fragile foliage that may even look superb when it isn’t in bloom.

This offers pure white blooms that makes cut-flower kind.

Developed again within the 1930s, this selection has brilliant blooms that stand out and maintain up effectively as a result of of its robust stems.

No, it isn’t inexperienced nevertheless it has white petals which are surrounded by the colour inexperienced.

This has double pink blooms and was developed within the early 1900s; these peonies look nice, odor nice, and are simple to chop.

That is good for zones 3-8. Since this flower wants rather less chilly climate than different varieties, it’s a well-liked selection within the South.

That is very vigorous with reddish-pink blooms which are good in coloration.

This peony has very massive pink blooms,is barely bi-colored, and has an excellent aroma.

This has delicate ivory-yellow blooms and very fragrant.

Its rounded cluster of creamy-pink petals makes it actually distinctive.

One of the most important peony sorts, itis gentle pink in coloration and smells incredible.

This has a yellow middle and “spider-like” white leaves which are tinted with inexperienced.

      This kind of peony is commonly darkish pink in coloration and presents a really dramatic look.

Peonies come in several sizes to allow them to be tall or quick and they arrive in all kinds of colours. Most of them want soil that’s well-drained and quite a bit of watering in between. When you’re fascinated with studying whether or not they bloom in mid- or late-season, a little analysis on the Web ought to assist. Most usually are not native to North America however they nonetheless do exceptionally effectively right here. Peonies actually provide one thing for everybody as a result of regardless of the sort of flowers you favor, it’s good to know that they arrive in all kinds of colours and types, making them one flower that everybody will love.

Though many individuals could not notice it, peonies even have superb well being advantages because of the many elements which are naturally discovered within the flower. Normally, consuming it as a tea can relieve quite a bit of illnesses, together with those you will be discovered under:

Peony can scale back signs comparable to sneezing and others if you happen to use the Japanese natural kind.

Peony has been proven to calm down the aorta, which in flip relaxes the blood vessels.

Pink peony can scale back liver enzymes, signs, or each in some folks.

When given peony root, mice have proven a lower in meals consumption and elevated tolerance to glucose, thereby serving to them shed some pounds and keep away from diabetes.

As a result of of its antioxidant capabilities, peony protects the liver by decreasing inflammatory chemical ranges there.

Peony prevents platelet aggregation and slows down coagulation of the blood, which permits blood to stream extra freely all through the physique.

Pink peony and moutan bark can decrease ldl cholesterol and subsequently assist increase total coronary heart well being.

Peony protects in opposition to free radicals within the atmosphere.

Peony helps enhance fertility in ladies affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome, and, when used with herbs comparable to dong quai, may also help scale back premenstrual signs and cramps.

Peony has been proven to drastically enhance psychological perform in mice, though human research have but to be carried out.

As with every medicinal flowers and herbs, it’s all the time finest to test along with your physician earlier than utilizing any kind of treatment involving peonies. Sure folks could need to keep away from utilizing these treatments, together with ladies who’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Regardless of the situation you’re making an attempt to ease, your physician will take a look at all different situations you will have and all of the drugs you’re presently taking, and then make the choice that’s finest for you and your wants.


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