36 Different Types of Lotus Flowers

Jul 26th
White lotus flower

Lotus flowers are floating aquatic crops from the Nelumbo household and are native to southern Asia and Australia. The pink lotus is the nationwide flower for each India and Vietnam whereas Korea, China and Japan rejoice the flower’s magnificence by holding the Lotus Competition.

Whereas it can not survive colder climates, the lotus can live for thousands of years. One kind of lotus seed managed to revive after 1,300 years of dormancy. It has particular meanings within the Egyptian mythology and Buddhism and it’s additionally a highly regarded tattoo.

6 Picture Gallery: 36 Different Types of Lotus Flowers

The American lotus will be confused with a water lily however in contrast to the water lily, the American lotus has uncut leaves which might be round and blue-green in coloration. It will possibly additionally stand up to over three ft in top and has delicate flowers that are available in both yellow or white with greater than 20 petals every. It’s often marketed commercially as Water Chinquapin or Yellow Lotus.

This lotus has unusually giant leaves that may stand up to 2 ft in diameter and they’re giant, spherical, and waxy green in color. The petals are pointed in direction of the middle and curl barely on the ends. They’re white and really aromatic and they are often as much as 10 inches in diameter. They bloom finest from July to September and may get as excessive as six ft. The flowers additionally do very effectively in shallow water and shallow gardens as a result of they don’t want quite a bit of water to thrive.

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Rising as much as 4 ft in top, this lotus is pure white and exquisite. It’s a very giant flower with an exquisite perfume and huge, pea-green foliage. Finest of all, this sort of lotus is produced nearly all 12 months round in giant lots.

Native to the southern and japanese elements of Asia, this lotus has violet-blue petals and reddish edges. Different colours can embody purple, white, fuchsia, or mauve, which has led to its nickname of the Red and Blue Water Lily. It comprises roughly 15 angular petals and leaves which might be spherical and inexperienced with a darker inexperienced underside.

With a glance similar to tulips, this lotus grows as much as six ft excessive and has petals which might be rose-pink in coloration. They’re nice to medium- or large-sized ponds they usually do finest in full solar.

An intermediate-sized, single-petal selection with 80 petals per bloom and a lovely purple coloration, this flower blooms from mid July to late August and has mushy leaves. The petals are roughly eight inches in diameter and it’s also known as the Pink Celestial Lotus.

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These develop as much as 30 inches excessive and are good for medium containers and ponds. The petals are ivory-white with margins and veins which might be deep pink in coloration. The identify truly refers to a rice bowl, which the flower resembles.

With petals which might be purplish-red and fade to pink in a while, this flower will get roughly 18 petals per bloom and is roughly eight inches in diameter. It blooms from late July to late August and has vast petals and coarse leaves. It’s a very stunning kind of lotus.

With double blooms, this sort of lotus has two-toned petals of creamy white and deep pink and it grows as much as two ft in top. It’s a free-flowering lotus and barely resembles a peony.

A prolific bloomer, it might maintain from 300 to six,000 petals and has striations which might be barely seen. The Curious Lotus is a two-headed bloom with the underside one consisting of reddish-pink petals and a prime bloom that’s darkish purple and has petals which might be a lot shorter than they’re on the backside. Blooming from early to late August, this flower has leaves which might be mushy to the contact and is reproduced via lotus roots, not seeds.

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A small lotus that will get not more than three ft excessive, it’s thought of a dwarf selection and has petals which might be mushy pink however change to yellow by the third day. It does finest in full solar and for many who dwell in zones 4-11. It’s good for small to medium ponds and even containers.

Examples of hybrid lotuses embody Nelumbo Alba Grandiflora, Nelumbo Child Doll, Nelumbo Chawan Basu, Nelumbo Momo Botan, Nelumbo Pink Scarf, Nelumbo Sweetheart, and the Nelumbo cultivar “Shirokunshi” Tulip Lotus.

Every bloom has about 20 petals which might be a beautiful shade of pink and leaves which might be easy and roughly two ft excessive. It will possibly develop in pretty chilly climates and dates again lots of of years. It solely blooms from early to late August and it has refined striations.

A real bowl lotus, it’s thought of a dwarf plant and solely will get as much as two ft in top. It has double blooms of white with pink ideas and its leaves can stand up to 10 inches excessive. It’s nice for small ponds and containers.

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This lotus has stunning white petals, a purple border, and nail-red ideas together with a bright-yellow heart. It blooms from early July to early September and it has leaves which might be coarse to the contact. It additionally consists of 20 petals per bloom and it has nice flower manufacturing and striations which might be very refined.

A double-flowering lotus that resembles a peony, this lotus is deep purple in coloration with distinct striations and has petals which might be nearly eight inches in diameter. It blooms from mid July to early September and has about 120 petals per bloom. It additionally has giant, stunning foliage that enhances the colour of the petals completely.

With as much as 24 single petals in a bloom, this lotus has vast petals and is a vibrant inexperienced coloration. It blooms from late July to late August and its leaves are very mushy. The flower is dense and full and it’s roughly 10 inches in diameter. It often produces two to 3 blooms per summer season and it has been round since historical instances.

With as much as 26 petals per bloom, this flower is greenish-white in coloration and has leaves that develop as much as 16 inches in top with the flower itself being seven inches in diameter. It blooms from late July to late September and it has a pistachio-green bud within the heart. The leaves are mushy to the contact and the flower will develop even when you plant it in a small flowerpot.

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This kind of lotus has about 18 petals per bloom and leaves which might be barely coarse. It’s deep purple in coloration, has distinct striations, and it blooms from late July to early September. It has nice flower manufacturing and the colour will definitely catch your consideration.

With 20 to 25 petals per bloom, this lotus is one of the biggest of the Japanese lotus flowers. The petals are 10 inches in diameter and its leaves are coarse to the contact. It blooms from late July to mid August and has distinct striations and really giant petals.

Rising as much as two ft in top, the Momo Botan is one of the very best lotus flowers in terms of blooming. The double petals are a rose-pink coloration and it has a protracted blooming season. As well as, this sort of lotus has petals that keep open all day lengthy and it seems to be stunning in small to medium ponds and in containers.

Rising as much as 4 ft in top, this stunning lotus has giant double petals that open up a darkish pink, then change to pink, yellow, and, lastly, creamy yellow by the third day. The flower is so stunning and attention-grabbing that quite a bit of folks assume it’s a man-made flower after they first see it.

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With creamy white leaves and reddish-pink ideas, it’s concerning the dimension of a small rice bowl and blooms closely every August. The leaves are barely coarse to the contact and it produces large quantities of flowers when it blooms.

The winner of a number of worldwide flower awards, this flower has slim leaves which might be silver-grey in coloration and vivid crimson flowers. They develop as much as one foot in top and three ft in width and butterflies and hummingbirds love them. They appear stunning in Mediterranean and rock gardens and are additionally deer-resistant.

This kind of lotus has giant, cup-shaped, double-flower petals that seem on very sturdy stems proper above the foliage as soon as summer season comes. Every of the flowers blooms for 3 days however closes up at night time. After the flowers, a nut-like fruit seems in a receptacle that resembles a watering can. The flowers are additionally very aromatic and odor fantastic.

With about 18 petals per flower, they’re deep purple in coloration and have very distinct striations. It has a receptacle that’s earth-toned in coloration and the internal petals have ideas which might be peaked. This kind of lotus also can add a spicy style to varied meals.

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With good flower manufacturing, this flower was particularly developed as a lotus flower. Its petals are gentle pinkish-red with darker purple ideas and a yellow heart. Its leaves are roughly 16 inches excessive and its petals are eye-catching and chic.

With a really sturdy and tall step, this lotus is purple in coloration with distinct striations and is a sublime, eye-catching look. It has about 25 petals per bloom and the purple is a really darkish, crimson-like purple.

A semi-double flower with roughly 30 petals per bloom, this sort of lotus blooms from mid July to late August. It has a deep pink coloration that fades shortly and leaves which might be roughly two ft excessive with a barely coarse really feel once you contact them.

An aquatic, flowering plant, the Rosea Plena lotus has leaves which might be two ft vast and the plant itself will get as much as two ft excessive. It is extremely aromatic and its single petals are often pink in coloration however they can be a rose-pink or white in coloration for the double-petal varieties. The flower blooms for 3 days, closing every night time, then grows a woody and ornamental-looking fruit. Its tubers and seeds are utilized in Chinese language cooking and there’s a dwarf plant being developed for containers and small ponds.

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As a result of it might develop from even muddy ponds and rise to above the floor of the water, this sort of lotus is sacred in East India. The leaves are straightforward to maintain clear as a result of it’s tough to moist them and the petals themselves are both pink or white and may stand up to 13 inches in diameter. Often known as the Bean of India or the Indian Lotus, all elements of the plant are used in a roundabout way all through Asia, together with the roots, leaves, seeds, and stamen for meals or snacks.

It is a stunning pink-and-white lotus that grows as much as 4 ft excessive and is taken into account essential in lots of Japanese religions. It’s thought to have mystical results and is ideal for zones 4-11.

The Sunflower lotus is free-flowering, has deep pink blossoms, and is ideal for small to medium water gardens and for containers. Finest when planted in zones 4-11, the flower wants full solar and grows to 5 ft in top. It’s a very showy lotus that’s positive to be seen.

Elegant-looking and often known as the Tiger Lotus or the White Water Lily, it has giant, stunning white petals that sit atop a lily pad. It’s half of the Nymphaeaceae household and could be very common in aquariums and in ponds.

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With giant, single petals which might be white in coloration, this flower has leaves which might be eight inches in dimension they usually develop profusely the place they’re planted. In addition they have giant, lengthy thorns on the stem and the outer edges of the petals are considerably peaked.

This lotus is a crossbreed developed in 1968 and has white petals with pink-red ideas and a vivid yellow heart. Even when positioned in a flowerpot, you possibly can rely on seeing two or three flowers each season. The petal is six inches in width and the leaves are about one foot in top, making it fairly placing.

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