Enclosed Formal Floral Printed Wallpaper Trimmed By White Molding And Green Paint, Hardwood Floors, Antique Persian Rug, 4 Chair Green Striped Cushion Wood Dining Set, Matching Chairs In The Corners For Extra Seating, With Flower Vase And Silver Candelabras, Antique Side Table, Antique Decorative Candelabras, Lamp, Porcelain Flower Vase And Antique Wood Cabinet To House An Extensive China And Tea Set.

May 20th
Enclosed formal floral printed wallpaper trimmed by white molding and green paint, hardwood floors, antique Persian rug, 4-chair green striped cushion wood dining set, matching chairs in the corners for extra seating, with flower vase and silver candelabras, antique side table, antique decorative candelabras, lamp, porcelain flower vase and antique wood cabinet to house an extensive china and tea set.