A Warm And Cozy Bedroom That Features An Amazing Blend Of Yellow Color Themes, Dark Wood, And White. The Yellow Striped Rug Is The Standout And It Matches Solidly With The Walls And Pillows. With The Addition Of The Yellow Light Coming From The Three Table Lamps And Chandelier, The Spanish Bedroom Almost Glows To Gold And That Is Enhanced By The Dark Wood Details Of The Floor, Chairs And Bedside Tables.

May 19th
A warm and cozy bedroom that features an amazing blend of yellow color themes, dark wood, and white. The yellow striped rug is the standout and it matches solidly with the walls and pillows. With the addition of the yellow light coming from the three table lamps and chandelier, the Spanish bedroom almost glows to gold and that is enhanced by the dark wood details of the floor, chairs and bedside tables.